Dolphins and Turtles swim ashore in Venice

Hey Kids!

While running down Venice Avenue looking for drips of ice cream from unsuspecting Snowbirds,  I saw some of my sea friends standing guard in front of my favorite shops.  Local artists painted and designed 20 fiberglass sea turtles and dolphins to promote the arts and tourism in our lovely, seaside city.   They are on display all around the island: in parks and lobbies, on sidewalks and corners.    Here are a few of the statues I ran by today.  (You can click on a picture to get a better view.)

Which one below is your favorite?

Have you seen other sea turtles and dolphins around Venice?  Where?  What do they look like?

How would you paint a dolphin or a turtle?






“Kumusta!” Hello in Filipino

Kumusta! That’s ‘Hello’ in Filipino. That’s right; I’m back in the beautiful Philippines! I couldn’t resist not going back! This time I’m exploring the island of Bohol! Bohol is located in lower Visayas and it lies on the sparkling Sulu Sea. The island is surrounded with HUGE man-made trees with small creatures swinging from branch to branch.

 First, I made my way to a tour company that took me around this totally awesome island. We drove over to the man-made forest. This forest is special because man planted it by hand. It’s amazing to see so many trees standing equally! Next, we went to see what this island is famous for, the mystical-looking tarsiers. Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world and one of the most endangered animals too. These small creatures only live on this island which makes it so popular. When I saw them, they jumped right on me! We clicked at once! Once I said my good-byes, it was time for a big lunch. I spotted this ad for a floating lunch, so I eagerly checked it out. A ‘floating lunch’ is actually having lunch on a slow moving boat. There was a bounty of delicious food and entertainment from native musicians..  I was stuffed to my tummy. I enjoyed everything that Bohol had to bring. I loved the forest, adored the tarsiers, and treasured the food! Would you want to explore this fascinating island Philippines have to offer?

The New York of the Philippines

Salutations from the Philippine Islands! Up north in Luzon, lies the crowded but beautiful capital, Manila, the New York City of the Philippines!  I skipped and hopped to Intramuros, the Walled City, where the old Manila used to be. In the Walled City, I jumped onto a tour horse to take me around. There, I quickly found one of the bravest national heroes, Jose Rizal. Besides winning the hearts of his countrymen, he was already famous as a writer and an eye doctor. Weird combination!  I also stared at the jail where the Spaniards kept Filipinos captive, like Jose Rizal. This gave me an eerie feeling.

          After the visit to Intramuros, I took a tricycle to the heart of Manila. There I walked around and admired all the architecture of the buildings and houses. The architecture is way different from that of Florida. There are not much restrictions, it seems. While walking around, I almost got lost in a crowd of total strangers! Besides that, I loved and enjoyed the trip to Manila!  I hope to visit again real soon!  Would you like to come and see the ‘New York’ of the Philippines?














The Big Apple

What a day! Today I snuck out of the house with a couple good friends of mine and caught a plane to New York City! As soon as the plane landed, we took off running. We ran right past the guards and leaped over baggage claim. I never had seen so many people in my life! As soon as we reached the light of day, we all were pooped out from running through the airport. Lily, a maltipoo, suggested we go to Central Park for some ice cream to cool us down. We hopped on the subway and arrived in less than 30 minutes. I was so hungry and hot that I ate two bacon flavored cones! After that Jillian, a young pup, wanted to go and visit the Plaza Hotel. We trotted over to the hotel and walked right inside. A woman’s poodle started growling at us, so we jumped in the elevator and rode up, up, and away. On the 18th floor we got a view of the Big Apple from above. Boy, was it big! All of us pups started to get a bit drowsy. Jeekers, a wise elder dog, made a suggestion to stay in one of these fine room. We made our way to room 1564 and drifted off to bed in a plush bed big enough for all. Touring New York is officially the best way to get tired!


I took a first class shuttle to the airport. When I got on the plane, I was next to a young girl named Lucy. She played with my ears for almost the whole trip. Then I saw a big statue. I asked Lucy what it was.  She said Cristo Redentour.  I think that means Christ the Reedemer, but I don’t understand Spanish too well.  As soon as the airplane landed, I quickly rode a cab over to Sugar Loaf Mountain. There is a cable car that ascends three hundred ninty feet of granite mountain.  I slid up and down some slippary wet rocks to get an up close view of the mountain.  It was getting dark, and I was tired, so I rode the ferry. The breeze felt good against my fur. I was happy to get home and see my family.

Teddy meets Goofy

Hi everyone,

Last week I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I had a fantastic time. I met Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. I never knew that a mouse could be so big, or even wear clothes.  But you’ll never believe this. I went to all four parks! My favorite park was Animal Kingdom. They had a feeding station for the people to feed the animals, and they even had a little tour on  a train. It was great. For lunch I had pizza in Hollywood Studios at Pizza Planet. Then after I ate, I saw an amazing  stunt show called Indiana Jones. It was absolutely thrilling. In the show, there was a scene where a car caught on fire. I have to admit that I was a little scared, but in  a second I was fine. In Epcot I went to every country. My favorite was Japan. In Japan I went to a candy store with all Japanese candy. I ate a candy called Hi-Chew. It was ok, but I would rather have a milk bone. My last stop was Magic Kingdom. At Magic Kingdom there was a huge castle. But when I walked up closer, I saw a show with all the princesses in it, and it even had the princes. A little while later it turned dark, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cinderella’s castle started changing colors. It changed from red to blue and even to green. I was so excited. To end the day, I got a hand dipped ice cream cone on Main Street. I sat and watched the parade, but when it was over, the guards asked everyone to leave. The next morning when I got home, all of my owners were just waking up. At breakfast time all my family said, “Good morning Teddy.”  But one of my owners said to me, “Teddy, why do you have ice cream in your nose?”  I just sat there and didn’t say a word.

Pastries in Corfu, Greece

Today my family and I visited the Liston in Corfu, Greece. It’s a long pathway with many cafés on the sides. I had a bit of trouble not being tripped over since there were so many people. I wandered from my family’s side for more than a second. The wonderful scent of sweet pastries and coffee coming from one of the shops sidetracked me. I made the mistake of waltzing into the coffee shop hoping for a handout. Luckily my family showed up and carried me out before the storeowners kicked me out. All this walking made us hungry, so we stopped for some sustenance and enjoyed the wonderful scenery.

What would be the first thing you would want to do if you were in Greece?

Jamaican journey

Hey Kids! This weekend my family visited Jamaica. When we got off of the plane, people welcomed us with cheers and reggae music. When we got on the street, people bombarded us asking, “You want to ride in my taxi? Come on, mon. Two can ride for price of one!” We ended up taking a taxi to the nice hotel. We went zip lining. I couldn’t hold on, so I had to ride in a sack. When we got to the end, we had a tour of a pigsty, where there lived a big pig named Gus who was leaning over the fence to beg for food. I didn’t think that he needed anymore. The next day I got my fur done in those braids with the beads at the end. Then we had to leave and get on the plane back home. We had so much fun in Jamaica!

Beautiful Jamaica

My amazing day at Busch Gardens

Yesterday was a great day! I hung my head out the window while my family and I drove to Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is in the top 20 of the most-visited theme parks in the US and in the Top 25 worldwide. I definitely think it was worth the long drive to Tampa. The 335 acre park contains shows, roller coasters, and games. My favorite part was the games. I played the basket throw, but I tossed it in with my mouth. I lost the first time I played, but the second time I won a huge puppy that looks just like me, a Schnoodle! I am going to put it in a special spot in my cage. My family was so proud of me, so they let me eat the food they dropped on the ground at SheiKra Sweet Treats.


I tried to get on SheiKra, but sadly I wasn’t tall enough. My family seemed to have fun though. I also couldn’t go on Montu.  My family loved it, so I heard a lot of cool facts about it. Did you know that Montu is the fastest and tallest inverted roller coaster in the world?  It is also named after the Egyptian god Monthu. Cheetah Hunt is the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens. The cheetah exhibit is right under the ride. I tried to race one of the cheetahs, but he beat me badly. He ran a mind boggling 70mph! Another highlight of my day was watching a show Dance to the Music. The singing wasn’t that amazing, but the dancing was great. At the end of the day I was exhausted.  I even took a nap during the car ride home. Overall, Busch Gardens was one of my favorite adventures!


What is your favorite amusement park?